Zombie Stories for Humans

Braindead people have feelings too!

Some days after the absolute Zombie Apocalypse, when everyone has either perished, or been converted, and only the Dead roam over the earth, all living creatures gone, something even stranger happens.

Suddenly, all of the Living Dead RECOVER CONSCIOUSNESS, in a collective "WTF JUST HAPPENED?"

And that doesn't sound as such bad news, does it? A second chance for man kind, you could say!
Well, you would stand correct, if they only remembered what civilization was all about...!

But when you can't really identify the exact use of a lawn mower (leave alone remember your own name..) there can't be any room for anything but mayhem. (and maybe a few chuckles)

Zombies try to recover their last bit of humanity (and most likely fail at it) in this parodic comic strip by writer and cartoonist Mucka Skitso. blog Archive >>