What is to be known about Zombies, beyond the fact they have a craving for humans flesh, and are dumb and slow, and certainly not easy to have a tea break with? 

Well, in a world where these monsters have regained consciousness, and can since talk, think, and even have akward feelings, there are just a few things to be mentioned… 


Some of this info might carry some spoilers, but I'll try to only mention the basics, as to not ruin the experience :) 





Recently awaken from carnivorous madness, these braineaters have no memory whatsoever of what life was like before that happened. They don't know their identity, or what the things around left behind by humans, are for. 

Gullible, impulsive, and never sleeping, these zombies are like big rotting children, that are lost as to what being a human meant. 


Some can be seen sporting TV cases as helmets, or trying to use umbrellas as parachutes. 


There are, however, a few Zombies out of this mob, worth mentioning, because they play some cute special roles. 


Some of them are…




Alright, these would be our two most recurrent characters. They woke up stuck to each other by handcuffs, and wearing convict uniforms. Judging by their looks and tattoos, neither the uniform, or the handcuffs were a coincidence. However, they can't recall anything about "jails" or "crimes", or "penitence"… So they are both left to live innocence in a weird way. They haven't found a way to get fred from the handcuffs… but do they want to? 




Please, be gentle! 

Playful, naive, giggly, jumpy, and silly, Gash is probably a better person today as a zombie, than he was as criminal back in the day. 

Tall, and scrawny, he's probably several years younger than his companion Blotch is, but does that even matter now that they are dead? 

He's quite the cuddly puppy, and demanding kitten, but don't let that goofy smile fool you… The guy will either eat you alive, or bitch-slap you if you cross the line. 

He can be spotted either chattering nonsense, chilling against Blotch's belly, or toying around with whatever he finds in his way. Everything is either a new toy or pet for him. 





Don't mess with this guy. 

Bulky, short-tempered, and strong like  two bulls, an elephant, and your angry fiance, this man won't stand to anyone's bullshit. 

He's really protective over Gash, in a instinctive way, although he doesn't know why. Thus, is the most cautious and wary of the two. 

Either way, he does have his soft spot, but he's unlikely to show it without putting up a fight…(one that only Gash is likely to win).

He's not good with words either, which leaves him feeling akward, and sometimes the only solution is to break or eat the source of his discomfort. 





Just as Gash and Blotch named each other, Gash named Suckle after her big lips. He never really thought anything kinky of it, but god-damn "looks like she could suck your face right off". 

Once Upon a time, Suckle was probably a virginal, moral-driven little nun in some convent. Today, she's an hyperactive, oblivious, quite disrespectful little monster, that can't recall believing in no God whatsoever. 

She and Gash get along well, except when she steals stuff away from him. 


Because, you see, Suckle does not know the meaning of "PERSONAL". To Suckle, nothing is sacred. And really? Why should it be? 

I mean, what is the worst case scenario? Everyone ends up dead? Done. 





Well, this one is a special one.

A specially jerkish, selfish one. 

You see, there IS a reason why he should feel so important, and worthy of admiration. He remembers how to read. 

That's the only thing he remembers, however… and so, has no principles, or references as to what happens to the kind of men that try to push people into following their rules. 

His little ego is only tormented by the fact that he lacks an arm, and that he KNOWS he probably didn't play a big role in the world before this happened. The Tag on his chest reads "Janitor".

This, only leads him to believe he is the Messiah in some way, "like that carpenter dude" , weather the other zombies like it, or not.